The Resources Directory is the place where you will find a contractor, locate craftsmen, tradesmen, products and services for older and historic homes. Posted information has been obtained from the Resource’s website, brochures and other publicly available information. No entries in the Resources Directory are ever solicited for inclusion and none pay to be listed here. It is the responsibility of the consumer to interview and research the qualifications and experience of service providers before making a purchase or contracting for services.

  • Garden in the Woods

    Garden in the Woods, located in Framingham, MA is the New England Society’s crown jewel, a botanic garden where you can see  more than 100 rare and endangered species of native New England flora. Open to the public from mid April through October, you will discover an ever-changing tapestry of flowers and foliage along paths tracing the glacially carved landscape including wet and dry areas, a stream and canopy of trees. For over 30 years the Society has perfected techniques to propagate and grow more than 450 species of native plants, and selling them in their Garden Shop as an alternative to wild-collected plants.