The Resources Directory is the place where you will find a contractor, locate craftsmen, tradesmen, products and services for older and historic homes. Posted information has been obtained from the Resource’s website, brochures and other publicly available information. No entries in the Resources Directory are ever solicited for inclusion and none pay to be listed here. It is the responsibility of the consumer to interview and research the qualifications and experience of service providers before making a purchase or contracting for services.

  • New England Window Restoration Alliance

    Window Restoration Alliance members share a commitment to the preservation and restoration of historic wooden windows. Alliance members are expert preservationists, blending traditional and modern materials and techniques to maintain the window’s original practical function and architectural design. Vintage and historic windows can be made as energy efficient as new double pane windows. More often than not, windows can be repaired, or fine-tuned to operate correctly for many generations to come at a fraction of the cost of replacement windows.

  • Old Town Repair

    Wooden Door and Window Repair & Restoration.  James “Pat” Patrick founded Old Town Repair in 2003, based upon 25-years of wooden door and window restorations. The company operates from a highly specialized facility in Marlbehead, MA and provides fine craftsman repair and restoration. Mr. Patrick has worked on a number of notable properties in and around Boston and the North Shore including both residential and public buildings spanning the 1700’s through the early 1900’s.

  • Window Woman of New England

    The Window Woman, Alison Hardy, a window restoration specialist, has been featured on This Old House helping in the renovation of The Nathaniel Page Homestead in Bedford, MA.  Her company specializes in the repair and restoration of wooden windows and making windows functional and beautiful.  Services include: interior and exterior paint removal, sash repair (particularly rot), replacing broken glass with either new or antique glass, replacing broken sash cords, weatherstripping and adjusting fit so windows open and close properly.